1.      Following are the information about Warning Lamp A in CAN output from ECU:


a.      Lane A Warning Lamp Bit (1 bit information) on Lane A (CAN ID 1508) has been cross shared on Lane B (CAN ID 1512)


b.      Lane A Warning Lamp State (2 bits information) on Lane A (CAN ID 556). Definition is 0x0 = Warning Lamp Off; 0x1 = Warning Lamp Flashing; 0x2 = Warning Lamp On


c.      Also, we observed the transition of Warning Lamp A connected on MIP. (OFF-ON-FLASHING).





·        Please clarify the difference between the 1 bit lamp information & 2 bits lamp state information on CAN output.


·        We interfaced EMU with ECU and captured the attached response. State Transition found on CAN ID 556 but no changes on 1508 or 1512 warning lamp bits. Why so?


·        We hope response in CAN ID 556 (Lamp state) and The warning lamp on MIP are in synch. Is it correct, please confirm?



8370_1_Warning Lamp.bmp (You do not have access to download this file.)
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