Hi everyone; I operate a 912is on my Super Petrel with a total of 52 hours. On my last flight, I felt a very strong AVGAS 100LL smell. Upon landing I found I had lost some 3 gallons of fuel from a leak from the pump into the hull of the plane. Upon inspection, it was apparently from a HOLE in one of the gas pumps. The enclosing of the pumps had some corrosion signs that this had been happening for a while, and only got worse enough to be smelled and detected in this last flight.

Any one has had similar problem?

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    A BIG Yes!


    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Thanks Bill, for your reply. Questioning the manufacturer and my engine log book, I found my engine had the pumps replaced, according to the ASB-912i-011, which is an extention of the 010.

    BUT the fuel leak occured after and inspite of that pump replacement. Factory said they will change again under warranty. I just hope Rotax has finally fixed that pump for real this time!

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    ALL:  The issue of this leak was reported to Rotax and also the OEM, SCODA in Brazil.  After review they have issued a SAFETY DIRECTIVE as required under the SLSA rules from FAA.  I have obtained a copy and attach it for you all.  The problem is specific to people who operate in salt water or high salt areas where the pumps may have exposure to contamination from salt.  

    it is important to know that the pump bodies are a thin wall aluminium and galvanic action can happen if the clamps and body of the pump touch without protection.  


    29766_2_SCODA safety alert fuel pumps 8d42420d4a3745157a2b62e2300f0baf.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)

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