The EGT temperatures on the third cylinder were always high. But over time, they seem to have gotten higher. Now in the climb, they are about 940С (1720F) (the maximum allowable 950C - 1740F). In level flight, depending on the engine operating mode 850-870C. Is it okay?

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    by » 6 weeks ago

    We have the same problem but has developed further. Now on take off we get 5500 RPM then after about 30 seconds RPM drops back to 5000 RPM with a resultant reduction of climb. We had our 5 year hose changes about 1 year ago and a 100 hour Annual inspection two months ago with the engine approaching 700 Hrs.

    So far have replaced Plugs, Fine fuel filter, carried out fuel flow checks, checked pressure regulator and checked main fuel filter. our next step is to fit another pressure regulator to see if that helps.

    We noted when we removed the plugs the last time, both plugs in #3 cylinder were slightly darker than the rest. Thinking of moving the injectors to another cylinder to see if the same happens there. 

    Any help greatly appreciated. Phil



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    by » 5 weeks ago

    Oleg k

    Does the photo of the Dynon screen you posted represent a full power climb?  I ask because you are obviously in a climb but the ECO mode light is on.  The engine should not typically be in ECO mode in a climb.  

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