During my first 100 h inspection i found a small oil leak on my 912iS engine, see picture




What would you recommend?

Karl (Charly) Kistler
HB-YPL(RV12iS) / HB-YNB (Helicopter CH7)

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    It's a "standard" leak, not for this engine but from some gasket spi, due the low runnings hours it can be hurt during the fixing or simply a default of the gasket.

    I hope the brand vill be ok to solve that fr warranty


    Bye from France


    Thank you said by: Karl Kistler

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    hi Karl

    This seal is affected by the crankcase positive pressure.  If for some reason it is high, above the recommended limit, it will weep some oil.  Please look at the installation manual and find the section on how to check your crankcase pressure.  It might be a restriction in your oil return line (tight bend perhaps on the oil line) from the crankcase to the oil tank, the result is a high crankcase pressure that will push the oil past the seal.  



    Thank you said by: Karl Kistler

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