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I've installed a 912iS and during some taxi tests with the cowl on, I was seeing high 700 degree EGT's (coming from a 582 seems high). I know the manual states that the max is in the 950C, which should indicate that I am well within range. What are people seeing on their EGT's whilst taxing and holding before lining up? 


I have been thinking of providing more cooling in my cowl by adding Naca ducts or Louvres to help with cooling as my cowling sits relatively tight to the engine, specially around the exhaust header pipes and the muffler - or is this overthinking?



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    by » 9 months ago

    My plane typically runs 1295 deg F. EGTs during taxi, so that jives with your 700 deg C. readings. In flight I usually see 1450-1550 depending on power settings, ECO vs Power mode.    

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    Thanks, I have some more questions on this topic and Im hoping to get insight. Im using a MGL Blaze EMS 2 with their 912iS Rdac and when I go over roughly 4500 RPM I get High EGT Warnings - 950ish to 1000 degrees C, when I throttle back the EGT's come down nicely and in accordance to the ranges mentioned above. Everything else seems to be in good operating range - oil at 80 degrees with coolant also being around 60 to 80 degrees, fuel pressure around 2.8 - 3 bar. My EGT's are mounted as per the manual.


    Im hoping that it could be a simple setting that i've missed (but doubt it). What should one set the EGT probe type to as I was not able to find these in the manuals, I currently have them as K-type in the MGL Blaze.


    Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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