Hello all,

I am sure this is something that has been addressed before, but search as I may, I find no good background information.

I purchased a new Rotax 912is for my RV-12 through Vans last year. It was delivered in April 2021. I am now getting close to starting it up for the first time and have been doing some document research on all the applicable Service Information. I came across the SI 915 i-008R1. which covers upgrading the oil cooling for the stator. It was released in October of 2021. My serial number is 7705573 and this SI applies to any serial numbers less that 7705909.

Does anyone have experience with the SI and installing it on your engine? How involved was it and where id you get the parts. Not real happy to receive a new engine and then within 6 months get an SI of this nature.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Walt Cannon in Seattle

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