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    E15 generally cannot be sold from standard pumps, so you will not accidentally be buying any...

    "Only about 2,300 of the nation’s 150,000 gas stations are outfitted to sell E15, and most are in the Midwest. Hence the Environmental Protection Agency keeps revising down its renewable fuel standard to avoid crashing into this so-called blend wall." – Wall Street Journal, 12 April 2022


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    I confirm that in France we allready have E95 with 10% of ethanol since many years, and most of the Rotax use it without any isue, I'm trainer and technical expert I often disassembled engines after runing thousant hours with E10 and I've never find any difrence with the others using super 98 (that is a 5% ethanol)

    Don't make a brain knot for that respecting the take of Rpm is any more important for the engine life!

    Bye from France


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