Rotax 912 isc 2 Sport

Engine serial no. 7706204


I got a new engine from Franz this time, I searched the serial number and was curious.


The engine I applied for is an unf engine, and the real thing is also unf, but it is displayed as a metric on the website.


I suspect it may be a used engine. So I'm curious as to the date of manufacture.


Thank you in advance.



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  • Re: Engine Serial & MFG date

    by » one month ago

    7706204 was produced 27-Jan-2022

    Delivered to Franz 24-Feb-2022

    Engine Type 912 iS2 Sport


    Version 2 with clutch, i=2,43

    without vacuum pump drive

    with air guide baffle

    with screw connection metrical

    Fuel pump metrical

    with engine truss

    with exhaust system

    wiring harness STANDARD SERIE

    Water hoses silicone


    Anschl. Metr.


    Baureihe 2 m. K.

    Kabelbaum Standard

    Kraftstoffpumpe metr.


    Water hoses silicon

    m. Kuehluftabd.

    Thank you said by: Tom lee

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