I’m working on a 912iS aircraft that is not charging the battery.  I have the problem diagnosed to the alternator B stator, but I’m hoping to get a couple of you to shoot holes in (or confirm) the diagnosis before I order a stator assembly. Originally I missed diagnosed this as the Voltage Regulator B, so that has been replaced and did not solve the problem.

These are the test results:

1. Stator B ohm readings are between .5 and .7 ohms measuring between any two of the three yellow leads with the connector unplugged from the regulator.  This is similar to Stator A (and misleading).

2. Stator B open circuit output voltage is 3-6 volts between any two of the stator poles (yellow wires).  Stator A open circuit voltage is 35 volts.

3. Stator B leads all show grounded with readings between 1 and 2 Ohms from any yellow lead to engine case.  Stator A leads show infinite ohms to ground.

My diagnosis is that Stator B has gone to ground, even though the windings are not open.  So, voltage is being shunted to ground inside the stator.  Is there any reason to take the alternator apart before ordering the Stator? Is there a possible ground failure that might be repaired? I would not think so.  





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    Jeff Noted,

    #1  Stator B ope
    n circuit output voltage is 3-6 volts 
    #2  Stator B leads all show grounded ... to the engine case.
    #3  Is there a possible ground failure that might be repaired?

    #1.  That's Not Good!
    #2.  There's Your Problem.
    #3.  By all Means!  It is always a good idea to know what the problem really is before blindly throwing money at it.
           It may just be a pinched wire that needs some minor rerouting and a piece of heat-shrink applied.

    Then again you may find the whole thing Fried Extra Crispy!
    At least you will know what you have before you go spending the big bucks for no good reason.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated by Everyone.

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    Thanks Bill.  I’ll tear into it and see what I find.   A while back there was a mandatory SB to replace the Stators for a series of 912iS engines, but this one was not in that series.   There was also an information bulletin that announced the availability of a new ignition housing with an oil spray nozzle to better cool the Stator. This engine was built before that option was part of serial production so I guess upgrading is something to consider. But, it’s quite expensive. Considering both these bulletins, it might be that Rotax has had some failures of the B Stator.   This engine has 640 hours.   

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