Hi, I am wondering what tools or tool kit or tool set I need to make small repairs when travelling in remote areas, please? My 912iS has had four coil errors come up, hence the coil and electrical stuff. The 912iS lives in an Aeroprakt Foxbat A22LS, so it has American wheels, which use Imperial fasteners.

My specific questions are, what socket/Allen key sizes do I need? What is the largest socket/Allen key sizes that I will need? In particular, will I need sockets or Allen keys that are fractions of mm, like 5.5 mm? On another thread, someone mentioned  lustre terminals, but I don't know what they are! 

The list is as follows, so far

              i.     Spare tube ☐

            ii.     Hand tyre pump ×2 ☐

           iii.     Extra right-angle attachment for tyre inflation ☐

           iv.     Valve stems  

             v.     Valve key ☐

           vi.     Valve cap ☐

          vii.     Tube patches + glue ☐

        viii.     Talcum powder

           ix.     Spark plugs × 2 ☐

             x.     Spark plug lead ☐

           xi.     Spark plug cap × 2 

          xii.     Coil ☐

        xiii.     16 mm spark plug socket ☐

        xiv.     Metric socket set ☐

          xv.     ASA socket set ☐

        xvi.     Metric Allen keys ☐

       xvii.     ASA Allen keys ☐

     xviii.     Shifting spanner ☐

        xix.     Screwdriver kit ☐

          xx.     Duct tape ☐

        xxi.     Silicon tape ☐

       xxii.     Araldite ☐

     xxiii.     Fuses

      xxiv.     Safety wire ☐

       xxv.     Split pins ☐

      xxvi.     Hose clamps × 2 ☐

    xxvii.     WD40

  xxviii.     Exhaust spring ☐

      xxix.     ?25 mm, 8 mm, 1/2" hose joiners


       xxx.     ?two pins and grommets for ignition unit 


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