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I have a 2022 912is with 110 hours, and during a 3hr flight got a steady Lane A fault and a Warning 'land aircraft' message.  Looking at the Dynon engine fault page it showed:





I landed and was able to reset lane A ok.  I then removed the 2 MAP sensors and sprayed with electrical contact cleaner, and continued with my flight, only for it to come on again as soon as i got above 3500 ft.  The connectors look fine and they have the metal locks on them to stop them coming loose.

I'll get the local Rotax agent to take a look next week, but am I potentially just looking at a faulty sensor?, or is there anything else I can investigate in the interim (i dont have access to a BUDS dongle)? Also, would the LANE B status message be due to the LANE A fault?





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    by » 10 months ago

    To isolate the Sensors you can swap them.
    If the fault changes to the B-Side,  It is likely a sensor issue.
    If it returns still on the A-Side, It might be a connector issue.

    These connections have been known to be over-secured (stretched) in the harness.
    Check that the contacts have not been pulled partially out of the connector.
    When re-assembling, go easy on the Cable-Ties.

    The CAN Error may not be related to the Sensor.
    Without a dongle, you do not have the time stamps.
    It is not unusual for the Occasional CAN-BUS error due to bus collisions.
    Occasionally two devices will randomly try to talk at the same time.
    If the collisions are few and far between, that is just part of normal operation and can be expected due to probability.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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