I have a 915iS engine with the (somewhat) newer fuel pressure sensor fitted (BRP664365/SI-PAC-024) directly on the fuel rail.

When configuring the Garmin GEA24 thru G3X I cannot find a suitable sensor to pick. It is red and crossed out on the screen with the types I have tried so far. Before I start ripping into the wiring I thought I'd ask if someone has some insight into this??

Thank you,



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    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Thomas,

    Is there a drop down list on the G3x or how do you select sensors? 

    Myself if there were drop menu, I'd just go through and try each one until I got it. 

    You know, that even a blind squirrel may eventually find a nut.

    Please, please, when you get it figured out, please return and tell us what and how. It is your feedback (even if you take it somewhere and pay) your answer will make this forum the very best place to find information on Rotax aircraft engines and their sensors...


    Did you reach out to Lockwood, LEAF, or perhaps Kodiak for information on your sensor? Also my experience with Garmin experimental tech support has been five star service.


    I can't wait to hear the solution to your pressure sensor squawk.

    RED X not acceptable, not on my airplane...


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