Just a quick question as I am wiring the CAN bus on the HIC A B connectors, I am using 3 core shielded wire between connectors and a 2 core shielded wire to the Garmin GEA24. How do you recommend terminating the shield ground from these cables at the HIC connector. Leave it open or connect it to the GND of the CAN on HIC connectors  B/6 HIC A/4?


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    You can leave it floating or connect it to the ground at whichever end is more convenient.

    Grounding at BOTH Ends sometimes can cause Ground Current Loops and make things worse.

    The tightly twisted bi-directional nature of the current on the CAN Bus makes it (Virtually) Self-Shielding.

    The CAN Bus is pretty bulletproof.  You should not expect any problems no matter what you do.

    Just do not forget to install one terminating resistor at each physical end of the bus.

    They are NOT optional!

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    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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