I have been discouraged by the inaccurate fuel computation that my Garmin G3X efis displays based on the 915is fadec output. Neither Garmin nor Rotax has pointed to a solution.

A common solution in experimental avaition has been the use of HT-60 “red cube” flow sensors by Electronics International. They allow easy calibration on the G3X screen. 

Two sensors are required on engines with fuel return lines. The efis computes the consumption utilizing both values  

Im looking for advice on where they should be located in a 915is installation. My aircraft is a RANS S-21 Outbound. The high pressure pumps are located under the baggage area, close to the output of the header tank.   E.I. Instructions require installation downstream from the last pump. 

Would it be correct to put one HT60 just downstream of the high pressure pumps, and the other one nearby on the return line?

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    Your post mind that you dont understand how works an electronic injection, sorry but all the informations you need are on the engine Network secured by redondant sensor so why do you wanted to use HT 60 that are made for old engines without CAN bus? Your problems come from this misunderstanding. From the ECU you get all pressure and T° that you need and Gamin provide the adapters, connexions diagrams, and wiring to connect their EMS. 

    To be precise, there is no « hight pressure » on this injection the maximum range is 3b 



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