Hello, I am an Engineer working in a cabling company in Turkey. A client of ours started a GyroCopter production project using the Dynon HDX system and the Rotax 915iSA engine. However, we, as a company, are not experienced in Avionic systems. Our main business is connector production and cabling projects. However, they are requesting engineering, wiring and assembly services for this system, which will be developed with Dynon and Rotax 915iSA engine, both for this project and for new projects in the future.

Our customer previously carried out a project in another country using the Garmin system and Rotax 912 engine, but decided to leave that country and implement this new project in Turkey. The company he is currently working with is also inexperienced in this regard as they have not used Dynon and Rotax 915iSA engines before.

Therefore, we are responsible for all the projects of analyzing the system, determining the needs, choosing the right products according to these needs and preparing the cables of the selected products. However, although we largely solved the problem on the Dynon side, we could not find the connection between the Rotax 915iSA engine and the Dynon Avionics. I emailed Dynon's support about this issue but they said everything is in the documentation (they are partially right but since the 915iSA is a new engine there is no example of this engine in Dynon, and this new engine is so differ from 912 and 914 type engines).

I have searched everywhere on the internet but I could not find any document showing how to make the connection between the Dynon and the 915iSA motor. If I understand correctly, the connection will need to be made between the Dynon SV-EMS-220 and the Rotax ECU, but frankly I'm not sure about that either. The technicians of the GyroCopter manufacturer do not know about this either (yes, I know it is a very strange situation). I am also aware that some of you will have questions about our ability to do this project, we already have question marks in our minds, but we believe that we can learn and do it and use this knowledge in future projects. We just need a little help in the first place.

If there are experienced users on this subject, I would like them to help us.

First, how do I connect the Dynon SkyView system to receive the Rotax 915iSA engine sensor data, and what kind of connections do we need to make between which parts?

And how can I find a document for the Rotax 915iSA engine that shows how the connections with other equipment (such as sensors, other engine parts, peripherals) will be in terms of electrical wiring? (I found a video at (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VaiBcHjzlA) but this video was made with Garmin, not Dynon, and although it's a great explanation, it's not a very simple explanation, so I didn't fully understand it).

I wish I can explain the issues. Thanks right now.

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