I have a nearly new Airborne SLSA M4 WSC trike for sale. 345 hours on it. BRS parachute system. Rotax 912 Engine, Aircraft Radio & Transponder, Uavionix ADSB. XRS wing. In NEW mechanical and cosmetic condition. Cost 75K. Selling for 50K plus shipping. You can contact me for more photos and details. It is always hangared. Has a custom aircraft cover, custom camera mounts, Log books current and LOA's for camera mounts and BRS ripcord location in front seat. This aircraft used ONLY on introductory flight lessons with me as PIC. I have over 7000 hours over 22 years in WSC as a CFI. No incidents or accidents.

I also have a SLSA WSC M3 with 1572 hours in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.Completely rebuilt wing hardware and cables. All new. Newly refurbished Warp Drive prop, rebuilt by Lockwood Gear Box, carbs, new CDI mounting brackets. New choke and throttle cables, new trigger coils. Compression like new on engine. Starts easily runs perfectly. Includes large color MGL glass cockpit, BRS parachute XRS wing. Complete SLSA logs. Only 23k plus shipping with wing or 20K plus shipping without wing. Custom aircraft cover, always hangared, only used for introductory flights with me in front seat as PIC. Custom video and still cameras mounts with LOA's.

Contact me direct for more photos and information. Tom Sanders

www.paradiseairhawaii.com     Website

tomsanders@hawaii.rr.com       e-mail

(805) 455-3142

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