Rotax-Owner Bi-Annual Pricing

Dear Rotax Owners,

We hope you are thoroughly enjoying the offerings of Rotax-Owner/ROTALK. We are reaching out to inform you about an upcoming update regarding our pricing structure. As part of our continuous commitment to enhancing your membership experience and delivering even greater value, we will implement pricing changes.

Effective immediately, we will be transitioning from an annual subscription to a bi-annual payment plan. The new price for the bi-annual subscription will be $29.99. This adjustment allows us to provide an expanded range of valuable resources, including a wider selection of instructional videos, informative articles, and critical safety information specifically tailored for your Rotax Aircraft Engine.

By switching to a bi-annual subscription, we can offer you an enriched membership experience with enhanced content and support. We sincerely appreciate your continued trust and loyalty as we strive to cater to your needs as Rotax owners.

Thank you for choosing Rotax-Owner/ROTALK, the dedicated information website designed to keep you informed of critical safety information. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Best regards,

The Rotax-Owner/ROTALK Team