Looking for date of production on 912is engine set # 7703209.   Thanks

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    by » 5 months ago

    Hi Burt

    For you and everyone looking for the date here is a tip.  I assume you did not get the logbook with the engine.  For a quick reference to get the year simply look at the visible serial numbers on the parts on your engine.  Many have a number that follow this format.  Year.serial within that year range....example 15.1234,  this is 2015 and the 1234 part made for that year.  Look at your crankcase between the pushrod tubes for such a number.  On a injected your fuse box, ECU, fuel pumps, fuel pump housing (for assembly serial) prop shaft...to name a few, all have this format for serial number.  If all the parts line up and start with 15 then it is a safe bet your engine was made in 2015.  If you need the particular month then you would need to request that.  Currently there is no way to get it direct from Rotax.  You need to go to your seller or distributor.  


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