The 1st Scheduled service of a 915is is  at 25 hrs then at 50,100,200 and so on. Please can someone tell me how close to the actual 25 engine hrs the aircraft must be presented to a service agent in order to keep the warranty valid.  Is it dead on 25 hrs  or is it  +- 10 hrs as it is with future  scheduled services.

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    Hi Julian

    The maintenance manual line, MML, simply states a +/- of 10 hours, there is nothing special or different for the 25 hour initial check.  


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    To add to this I always use the checklist out of the Line Maint. manual. I write at the top it is the 25 hr. warranty inspection. There are a few items on that list you don't have to do at this time, but most you should really take the time to check things and have a good base knowledge of your engine and to make sure it's 100%. Leaving things unchecked can cause bad headaches. LOL

    Then make sure you log the 25 hr. inspection in your aircraft logbook and include anything you tweaked, torqued or replaced i.e. oil, filter, checked engine mount bolt torque, ect.... Keep the checklist and always use them at annuals and fill them out and keep them all in a binder. Do the same for the fuselage. It will pay dividends in the future in several ways. 

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