oil cooler thermastats are recommended for rotax engines in cold weather operations to quickly reach high cylinder head temperatures for takeoff. do the newer engines come with this already on them? how about tanis engine heater use with cowling blankets?
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    Hi Mike,

    Oil thermostats don't come from Rotax on new engines. That is from the aircraft Mfg. They usually only go up to 180F. There is one on the market that goes to 210F, but I haven't seen them around for a while. They were out of stock and I believe still out of stock. Putting aluminum tape across the radiator can do a fairly decent job. The Tanis engine pre-heater does an excellent job and if I lived in cold country it would be on my engine. I have installed several and every person is very happy. It works better and saturates the engine metals with heat very well. It was made and set up for the Rotax 912. The Reiff system is just a hold over from the GA world and might be okay for a wet sump engine, but we don't have a wet sump so it only heats the oil tank and the bottom of the engine. That's not enough to heat soak enough metal.
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