buongiorno a tutti,
il mio Rotax 912 ULS da circa 30 ore aumenta il livello dell'olio motore ( oltre il livello MAX ). Sono stato dal mio meccanico Rotax Qualified che ha detto di sentire odore di benzina nell'olio. Ha sostituito i 2 carburatori, installato la pompa carburante ultima versione ma il problema non si è risolto.
Suggerimenti ?
Dimenticavo, i parametri motore sono perfetti.
  • Re: aumento del livello dell'olio motore

    by » 13 years ago

    Leonardo, the increase in oil has to come from someplace, my thoughts are the oil changing procedure is not being followed and there's oil left in the sump, there's a specific routine in changing it that must be followed. If it's over the mark a little it's not going to hurt anything because it is a dry sump system where the oil is pumped out and pumped back to the tank, the engine will always have the correct amount of oil.

    Replacing the fuel pump with the new type is a good idea and having a electric back up is a better idea, I'm sure replacing the carbs had nothing to do with the oil problem. As far as it smelling like diesel I don't know unless it had some gas in it which is possiable if the fuel pump was bad.


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