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    Hi Ben,

    So long as the plug gap is correct then I'm certainly leaning towards the carbs.It could be something simple as a carb sync, but if this is a 1995 engine and if the carbs have never been rebuilt they are way over due. You would also have the old red tip needle valve. This engine with only 170 hrs has sat for long periods of time so I'm sure the jets and passages need cleaning and all the "O" rings will be dry rotted. These are fairly easy to do if you know a few things or you can send them out. I get them from all over the US on a regular basis. It takes about 1.5 hrs. to get them done.The other VERY important thing that doesn't get done by some is to make sure the carbs have been synced. This will affect everything that has to do with the engine. Starts, stops, vibration, wear and tear, ect... Simple things like an idle setting too high or too low can affect your starts.

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