For those of you that have "DEXCOOL" in your plane you really need to read this info.


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    Very good information Ted, thanks for that! Although I've never seen such negative affects of Dexcool when used in a Rotax powered aircraft, mostly I assume because the Rotax rad cap is of very good qaulity, certainly it could be possible if the rad cap begins to malfunction.

    I have seen many cases were people have used non genuine Rotax expansion tanks and rad caps that have leaked causing cooling issues, but fortunaltly in these cases Dexcool was not what was being used in the system and so be I suppose why any further jelling or corrosion issues were not noted.

    As described in the article if the cap does not hold adequate pressure and allows coolant into the overflow bottle at too low a pressure, the overall coolant level in the system could get too low which then allows air and pollutents back into the system while destroying the proper balance of Dexcool to water ratio. This then can lead to the jelling and corrosion and further cycles of fluid exchange between cooling system and overflow bottle and of course over heating.

    I think its important for people to read the entire article so they clearly understand the issue and don't condem the use of Dexcool itself. This is a perfect example of a technical issue that has multiple causes but often gets blamed on one thing, in this case Dexcool when it is only the result of these other issues......so be why such exchange of good information on this forum is so valuable....great stuff! :) :woohoo:

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    I had Googled Dexcool and got this info, Dexcool has a enormous amount of lawsuits to answer to so I'm not going to use it in my engine, there's too many others to choose from to take a chance that I might be the first one.

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