Hi this is my 1st post.I have a koala that I just bought with a rotax 582 I am going to strat it up tomarow for check out it has oil injection do you have to prime the oil injection and bleed it or is it self priming.Also the small oil tank mounted between the cyclinders is it for the rotory value lubing, and do you run the same oil in it that you put in the injection tank.Thanks for any info.
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    That small plastic bottle is for the rotary valve lube and it does use the same oil that the oil injection uses.

    The oil injection will eventually prime itself but it sometimes takes a LONG time. Best way to prime it is to get all the air out of the lines betwen the oil tank and pump that you possibly can. Premix your first tank of gas 50/1. That way you will be sure that you have a proper mix even if the pump doesn't prime right away. When it does start working, you may smoke a bit because of the oil rich mix. This won't hurt a thing and the pump will be primed well before you use up that first tank. Better too much oil for an hour or so than not enough.


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    Thank you Bill for your info, we started it up and it runs geart a little smoke at 1st but after about 5mins, she cleared up and run good.We will test fly it in about 2 weeks have to fisnhis going over the airfame and controls the plane set for 5yrs.
    Thanks Robert :)

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