I want to increase my knowledge of 2-stroke engines over the winter before I hit the 2013 flying season. I am now the owner of a Rotax 582 mod. 99 which sits on a Quicksilver Sport 2S.

I have never been mechanically inclined as far as understanding engines go. Can anyone suggest a good book that explains engines and specifically 2-stroke engines? Is there any good documentation on the 582 that will help me to understand it?

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    by » 12 years ago


    Look at the top of the page under SUPPORT and click on manuals. You can download the parts book, installation manual, and maintenance manual for the 582. Another good site for 2 stroke information is the California Power systems 1-800 Airwolf website. click on the tech info tab on that site and you will find all sorts of "how to" articles for the 582. They have a wealth of practical info you can't get from the manuals.


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