Hi everyone,

I would be very grateful for your advice about my twin G3X setup in my kit plane. I also have the the GTX 24 remote transponder, GMA245R remote audio panel, AOA indicator and 3 AP servos.

Everything works perfectly, as it should whilst flying and then suddenly and unexpectedly, I get failures of the ADHRS and engine instruments with red crosses through them. This occurs in level flight. Both the displays get affected to different extents but the pfd is worse affected. The sensors turn on and off repeatedly for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes. I loose all the instruments and everything has red crosses through it. Then after a while everything just suddenly returns to normal. I have noticed that there are certain routes I fly where it happens more frequently. And sometimes some of the instruments over read as well before they fail. For example, today oil temp suddenly showed 140 degrees C into red line, then to a red cross, both displays then were full of red crosses, nothing uncrossed except the audio panel, then after about 30 seconds everything came back perfect.

By bus and battery voltage is 14v and I have a Shorai 12V 36Ah lithium ion battery as main, and a Garmin backup battery. I also have the Rotax 40A internally regulated alternator as well as the standard 914 generator, so I don't think it is a power issue. The over voltage light on the alternator stays off. I have also unplugged and disconnected the alternator and the same thing keeps happening when running on the generator and even just on battery.

I have flown in the configuration mode in the same area I always get these G3X and instrument failures and I have 0% network errors in all my devices, green ticks to everything, and a 3% magnetic interference in my system upon testing. There is no correlation between the failures and flying, I can be in smooth air and it will happen and I can be bouncing around in high winds and it is perfect. All connections are secured and well fixed and there are no loose wires.

Is there anything I am missing or should check? Any hints or suggestions would be very welcome.

Many thanks

Kindest regards

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