An aircraft with a 912ULS Rotax is difficult to get service for 50hr, 100hr or annual inspections. Local A&P mechanics and aircraft maintenance shops refuse to work on this aircraft and engine, stating that they are not authorized to work on the aircraft. Therefore, requiring that I must negotiate with maintnence facilities far away from where I live to get the work done. Question, can an A&P mechanic sign-off on the aircraft for an annual inspection that has no Rotax experience using the appropriate checklist or must I continue to search for someone to work on the aircraft?
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    Hi Roland,

    Depends on where you live in the world. I take it you are in the US. Where do you live? Here is a list from Rainbow Aviation of LSRM-A's and A&P's that have some Rotax training. The FAA ruling is that a mechanic must have some Rotax training, but it doesn't have to come from Rotax and they must have the proper tools. You really do want someone who has some idea about the specifics of a Rotax. It is best to have someone that has been to a Rotax school, but I do understand that that can be hard to do at times. I have people fly in from 6 different states for me to work on their 912's. I specialize in the 4 strokes.

    Let me know where you live I might be able to point you in the right direction.


    Roger Lee
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    Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
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    Hi Roland

    You can find licensed A&P's with specific Rotax iRMT training by clicking on the "Support" button on this web site then going to "Find Service" section. On the world map, select your country, State or Province, then note the list of Service Centers and Repair Stations in the right hand column. Scroll to the bottom, click on the "Find a Technician", again select your area and you will get a list of all trained personal with Rotax specific training, those who are A&P's are shown as such.

    Hope this helps, short of that, take it to Rodger if he's not too far away :)

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