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I'm researching for possible purchase of an aircraft Serial: 7-6517 (Year of manufacture, in the US,12/11/2011). Builder registered aircraft N-XXXXX.

For personal reasons, I'm trying to validate the year of the 912 he installed in the airframe at that time! Anyway of doing this void of a lot of drama?

I know 'ask the current owner' but I have my reason for researching. The builder, unfortunately, is deceased.

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    by » 3 years ago

    The Airframe information is irrelevant.
    Post your ENGINE Serial Number in the link at the bottom.
    You will get a Complete Factory "Window Sticker" if they have it.


    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated.

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    by » 3 years ago

    Thanks for your reply. Perhaps a bit of clarification. I know how to retrieve the history of 912.
    The situation is that I ONLY have a 'N' number by the 701 builder. Is there ANY way to find out the
    serial number of the engine he installed from build.

    I'm aware of log book, visual check of engine or current owner...BUT is there anyway of researching the initial ROTAX that was installed in this aircraft BY N-number. Cheers. FB

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    by » 3 years ago

    The percentage of ROTAX engines searchable by tail number is extremely low. On the engine registration form, there is a space for owners to input their aircraft registration number ( see https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/rotax-blog/item/50-online-ac-engine-reg ) however in practice it seems that very few end-users get around to filling it out. Most of the engine registration records we see were only posted by the OEM (before the aircraft gets a tail number)...

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