Cruise rpm 912 above 5k?

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Hi all , I don't know if I'm going to open a can of worms here but I am after people preference or Knowledge .
I have a Rotax 912ul in my Skyranger Classic and my cruise at the moment at 70 knots is at 4750rpm , WOT on take off 5200rpm and WOT straight and level is about 5350rpm.
I'am based in the UK and most people Ive spoken to tend to cruise at around 70 knots about 4200/4500 rpm.
BUT over the pond in the US , they are amendment it seems any cruise in the 4's isnt good for the engine and 5200rpm is about right with WOT being 5800rpm Max.
My Engine certainty runs smoother at higher rpm's.
Basic google search
" I think the average owner cruises between 5000-5300 rpm depending on their aircraft. You shouldn't be below 5000 for all your cruise time and are better off above it up to 5500 rpm. Seems like most owners I personally know are 5100-5300 rpm in cruise"
My prop is at 27° .
I will post in another group just to get the most clarification I can.
Thanks is advance.
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