I'm installing a 912 ULS in a Zenith STOL 750 using a ring mounts and SkyTek 912IS cowling. SkyTek told me with this cowl I shouldn't need the cooling baffle. Anyone have any insight on wether a cooling baffle is required or not in certain applications?


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    by » 9 months ago

    Hi Bill

    The information you are looking for is found in the installation manual, download copy from www.flyrotax.com

    Look up the cooling section and then in that section look for cooling air ducts, this is the same as baffles,  If you do a test on the engine in your installation it will show you if a cooling air baffle is needed.  The good part is that since the Rotax is liquid cooled on the head there is very little left to air cool.  The normal airflow in the cowl for the most part is sufficient to allow for that full power 5 min climb out of the airport,  The exception for this is some of the very tight cowled gliders who are trying to squeeze out the least drag with very few cowl openings.  in those cases a baffle may be needed,



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