A new owner question. I don't understand t how the SB are published.

When I run a search on my engine serial number on the official tech doc page:


I get the service bulletins, that's great. But the bulletins I get are 1 page long and say. For example :

SB-915 i-009iS

"For complete instructions and compliance to this Service Bulletin refer to Service Bulletin-SB-915 i-009 / SB-912 i-012, latest edition section 1.2 onward."


If I then do a search on SB-915 i-009  I do not find any documents on flyrotax.com


If I do a google search on Bulletin-SB-915 i-009  I can find a helpful 7-page version on  Rotaxrmit.com site.


What am I missing., Where do I get the full service bulletin/instructions from, is Rotaxrmit.com the official source?

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