Should I receive copies of the inspection checklist from the maintenance manual and copies of the data logs as well as log book endorsements when work is completed?  

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    It isn’t required and very very few ever do this. Because I come from a medical field background I do use a Rotax checklist and a fuselage checklist on every annual. Good documentation is everything even with Rotax if you need their help and need to fill out a CSIR. The checklist gets filled out and everything annotated in the margins. I give those to every owner and encourage them to keep them in a binder. This does several things. It keeps you aircraft value up higher than those who keep poor and low end records. It keeps the mechanic on track and makes sure they don’t miss things. It can be used as a legal document in case you need it to defend yourself and the mechanic with the FAA, the insurance company and any litigation if you have to go to court because of an incident whether you caused it or not.

    After 30 years in courts there is nothing better than good and complete documentation.  I’ve seen many a person over the years go down the tubes because of poor documentation. In the US the bottom line for court fact finding is if it isn’t written you didn’t do it. I’ve never been a believer in the standard mechanic three liner logbook label. Bottom line it’s your plane that you have to answer for and you’re paying good money to get it done right and the way you want it.



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