Are the 912iS Sport and 912 ULS gearboxes the same?  Can inferences be drawn from one engine type to the other as to gearbox issues?  There seems to be a bit of discussion over the years about the respective reliability of these two engine types, often involving the gearbox.

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    My Opinion...but others know more that I do.

    The IS engine was upgraded to the "Sport" that increased the torque in the midrange and the gearbox was not really up to it. There have been upgrades to the IS gearbox including an oil spray system. Therefore any New IS engine will have the latest version and should be very reliable. The MM "says" 1000 hr between inspections which is better than the 600hr on the ULS...and who knows with the latest versions it will likely meet that.

    What I like about the IS is that it starts like a car, easily and therefore there is little strain on the clutch, a well tuned ULS with a good battery starts well too, but sometimes the carbs are not balanced well and sometimes the battery is too small/low and it kicks back....causing bad things on the clutch

    I have both, (2015 year IS Sport and 2017 year ULS) they are both well maintained and have excellent batteries, therefore I have had no issues with either one...with 850 and 620 hr so far.....



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    The 912ULS gearbox has a 30-degree dog hub, and the 912iS has a zero-degree dog hub, so there is no friction TQ inspection on the iS Gearboxes. You can't put a 30-degree dog hub in a 912iS gearbox, as it would create starting issues due to the two crank positioning sensors being so close to each other.

    Both the 912ULS and the 912iS come equipped with an overload clutch. Click on the below link to see the video that provides a visual and more explanation of the dog hub and friction torque.


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