Over the past 4 years I've had intermittent in flight low fuel pressure indicated on my Factory built Sling 2 fitted with 912ULS, Facet boost pump and Garmin G3X avionics with what appears to be a Kavlico fuel pressure sender. Fuel pressure indications have always been perfect on the ground. Engine operation has never faltered when the fuel pressure has indicated low.

I've tried all the remedies I can find in these forums and others and Sling Factory support to solve this issue to no avail.

Last week I accidently stumbled upon the following bulletin from Dynon Avionics, published in 2014.


Although I can't confirm the part number of my sender, on inspection, I found the "ambient sensor port" to be inside the electrical connector so I removed the seal as per the bulletin and flew 2 test flights. To my surprise & delight, I now have steady fuel pressure indications at all times, climb, cruise & descent. 

I will be carrying out the 5 year rubber exchange at this year's annual inspection and will fit a new sender with an external ambient sensor port (Garmin p/n 011-04202-10) at that time.

If like me, you have similar issues & have not been aware of this potential "remedy", may I suggest this as a simple troubleshooting step that just might be the answer so many have been looking for.

Hope this helps,



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