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NEW SCU - System Control Unit for 912 / 915 iS

RS Flight Systems has now developed the SCU (System Control Unit) for ROTAX fuel-injected engines (912i & 915i).

This SCU provides you with numerous additional system interface capabilities! 

A major benefit is the Single Lever Power Control (SLPC) function. With SLPC, the EMU controls the propeller governor as a function of the power setting, the altitude and aircraft specific input parameters. This combines the advantage of the easy handling of a fixed pitch propeller with the performance enhancement of a constant speed propeller.




System Control Unit Overview

Aircraft / Gyro / Helicopter


• Single Lever Power Control (SLPC)
• Start Power function
• LANE C output for EMS displays
• Ext. Display Panels
• Options: Intercooler Fan Control, Start Key Switch


Drone / UAV / eVTOL

• Single Lever Power Control (SLPC)
• Autothrottle control
• Engine control incl. automatic
engine startup procedure
• LANE A/B control
• Telemetry Interface


Test stand


• Autothrottle Control
• Automatic engine control incl.
Automatic engine startup
• LANE A/B Control
• Interface to PC/Mac
• PC/Mac test stand software


Georeferenced data recording on SD Card
Three optically isolated CANaerospace data bus interfaces
Additional analog and digital input and output channels






Automatic Intercooler Fan Control

In order to control an electrical fan for the intercooler, the EMU is equipped with automatic relay control for the fan activation. If the manifold temperature rises above 45 °C, the output gets active and switches the IFC relay on. The relay holds on until the manifold temperature falls below 40 °C.


• Prevents overheat during hover
• Ensures max. power in hot conditions





Hybrid system capability





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