Monday, 17 May 2021 12:17


Written by Rotax-Owner

ROTAX has just released a new state-of-the art online engine configuration tool. Using this tool, you can load an accurate 3D model of a current production engine, and experiment with all the various configuration options. The model can be rotated and zoomed on-screen, and as you change the various options, the total weight of the engine is updated and displayed in realtime! When you have it configured just as you like it, you can then email yourself a link to download a PDF of the configuration (and optionally you can pass it to ROTAX to have your local authorized ROTAX dealer follow up on it with you.)

 The new online tool looks like this: first it loads a list of engines you can choose from...

After you choose an engine to configure, it then loads up the 3D model and all the appropriate configuration options (the loading takes a few seconds, depending on your internet speed)...


You can see the page allows you to rotate your view of the model by clicking and dragging on it. And if your mouse has a 'scroll wheel', you can use that to zoom in and out on your model view. (Pinch to zoom on a touch-screen device.)

You can scroll down that same page to reveal more configuration options, and as you change the options, the model will update to reflect your selections...

When you are satisfied with your configuration, just click the red "EMAIL CONFIGURATION" button to send yourself a copy...

By default, it just mails to your email address ( it sends you a link where you can generate and download a nice PDF file of your engine configuration ). 

If you also click the "Please contact me." box, it will send you the link, and also it will forward a copy of it to the nearest ROTAX aircraft engine dealer for your region, so you can get the local price for your exact configuration and discuss ordering one.

If you only leave the default "send configuration to my email account" box clicked, it will simply send you the link, and no information will be passed along to any ROTAX dealer.

If you change your mind and want to go back and try a different configuration, just click on the "Cancel" button. 



Visit this link: https://configurator.flyrotax.com/




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