Not sure if the site Administrator will allow this post but I believe I am an orphan in Australia with the only Storm RG aircraft with a Rotax 914.  The authorities in Australia are about to raise the max AUW for ultralight aircraft from 600 KG to 760 KG.  My aircraft is currently limited to the 600 KG but on the Storm website a similar, if not the same, aircraft is shown as the Storm Fury with a max AUW of 750 KG if Rotax powered or 850 KG if Lycoming powered.  I have tried without success to contact Storm aircraft to ask whether there have been any structural changes to the airframe from my RG model of 2005 to the latest Fury model and what the difference is between the Rotax and the Lycoming models?  I want to apply to raise the max AUW of my aircraft to at least 750 KG.  Can anyone help with any information?  

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