Has anyone else had problems printing 912 engine manuals (in PDF format)? I'm in the process of building a RANS S-6S, and nearing engine installation time. Tried to print the latest 912 Installation manual, downloaded from the Rotax-Owners site, and when trying to print it, I just get one line of garbage at the top of each page.

Any suggestions?

  • Re: Printing Engine Manuals

    by » 6 weeks ago

    Make sure you got a full and complete download of the manual. The current 912 installation manual is 8.17 MB (8,575,226 bytes)


    Also, they are big manuals and you might run out of RAM trying to print directly from a web browser. Best to save the file to disk, and then open and print from your default system PDF viewer. If you don't have one, I would recommend the free Foxit reader...

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