I have lived for 24 years in Costa Rica and Panama up to 2011 and plan to return to Panama to live there later this year / early next year.

Also planning to bring a Rotax-powered gyro.

Upon meeting with members of the local ultralight flying club, I was told  that Rotax-powered aircraft are relatively rare in this part of the world because there is no local authorized service center or iRMT.  And that's probably one of the reason why we don't see that many ultralights in this part of the world (another issue is the regulatory environment) because Rotax powers the vast majority of ultralights and LSA these days.

So I wondered:

- are there any Rotax owners here that live in Central or Latin America? I'd love to hear you (I speak Spanish of course)

- who services your engine

- how are regulations in your country towards flying ultralights and LSA?

- any Rotax powered gyrocopters in your country and if so, which models?

- does anybody of you know of a flight school for ultralight flying in Central or Latin America?

Hope to hear from you.




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