I am new to the board, jumped over from the Matronics Rotax List. The first thing I have noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a digest email list option. I subscribed to the general and 4-stroke threads and in an hour I got like 8 mails. This forum seems to be getting popular and will be getting more popular. To keep people involved and connected a Daily Digest would be great. Or maybe I missed something and the option already exists.
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    Hi Tim,

    I'm not quite sure by what you mean? Exactly what is a digest list?

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    Hi Roger,

    A Digest List is an email that lists and give links to all the topics of the day that have been posted or updated for the sections of the forum that one is subscribed to. For instance, since I am subscribed to the General section of this forum, I currently automatically get an email when some posts something in General. I bet the same happens for you. A Digest List waits until some specified time of day, automatically joins up all the new posts, lists them out and sends the to the people who have subscribed to the Digest. That way, I would get one mail a day per subscription.
    I am not a programmer or anything, but this seems to be very common in forums and especially mailing lists. You seem to be using a pretty sophisticated platform for the forum and I imagine it is an option some where in the forum administration section. If you are not familiar with it, you could talk to your webmaster or check the documentation. It seems you are using the Kunena Forum running on Joomla. I know nothing about it, maybe someone else does, but I'll take a few minutes to see if it has any native digest capabilities.
    I only mention all this because flooding an inbox with emails is the kind of thing that causes people to unsubscribe, and hence not be connected and sharing info as regularly.

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    Ok, so I did a little hunting on google and found some info, although I must say it isn't looking too good for a really easy solution. It would be great if you showed this post to your webmaster/designer.

    As of a year ago, Daily Digests were not available native on Kunena, although there may be some extensions that can allow it. They just updated to Kunena 1.7.0. I found a link from someone who figured out how to send a global daily email: http://adamhaeder.com/wordpress/2010/05/13/how-to-add-a-daily-digest-email-to-kunena-forums-joomla/

    The designer should also check out J!MailAlerts and see if that would work.

    Anyway, I really hope some kind of solution could be found. Sorry I don't have the answer.

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