Like probably many, I am the third owner of a Rotax.

The forms available at CPS ... Where if i remember right were available to register an engine...would not accept my registration. When I made personal contact with CPS they correctly said my engine was registered to Kolb....the original buyer.

To make a long story short, CPS showed no inclination to help me get my Rotax registered with Rotax.

This is not a matter of warranty, which is long since expired.
Reason to be Reniston is it registered with Rotax they would proactively notify owner by e-mail of minor or major issues on the current owners specific serial number.

Although an unregistered owner can come here periodically and search for such information, this is very different than being proactively notified by e-mail. This can result in failing to be timely aware of even critical safety issues.

Here finally is my suggestion:

Could a moderator here be ombudsman for owners in this position and, having more status, and presumably gets more attention, than just one owner, contact Rotax or CPS on their behalf and assist second owners in such positions to get their engines registered.

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