Ad listing problem

Category: The Suggestion Box 3 months ago

I fill out all required fields, try to post and get the reply "fill out all required fields" what's happening?


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    by » 3 months ago

    Which web browser / device / operating system are you using to to access the site?

     I've just tested it (Chrome browser) and I can get a test ad to post with the bare minimum 'required fields' of title, category, (Ad details) and location (Contact details).

    Are you by any chance pasting text into the description field from a Word document? ( It's possible some hidden formatting characters from Word could be causing a problem...)


  • Re: Ad listing problem

    by » 3 months ago

    No pasting. Michael, at Admin, got it to post. Thanks for your reply.



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    by » one month ago

    ... not overly impressed w/ the advertising function ... but after entering 30 K = fail / 30000  fail  30,000  fail ... it finally took my ad on the 4th try or so ... but yah-ta-hey ... its free ( even if the site is not  :p  )



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