With about 60 hours after rebuild, my coolant seems to be getting into rotary valve oil. What are the options for repair?
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    Sounds like a bad ceramic seal on the rotary valve shaft. This can be fixed without removing the engine if you have room around the engine to work. You will need a couple of specialized tools. A ceramic seal insertion tool and a threaded extension which screws onto the valve shaft to tap it out. Don't even try the job without these two tools. You can remove the whole valve shaft assembly without splitting the crankcase. The seal insertion tool is not cheap and I would see what your mechanic would charge to do the job before I invested in the tool. You might try just flushing the valve oil gallery and refilling it. Sometimes when the seals are replaced,an air pocket is left between the ceramic seal and the oil seal. A new ceramic seal will sometimes leak a little until it seats properly, then when that air pocket heats up and expands, it can push that small amount of water and grease from between the seals into the rotary oil gallery. If you flush the oil gallery and the water doesn't come back, don't worry about it. If it does come back, new seals are needed.

    There used to be a witness hole directly under the water pump that would allow this air and water to escape and rotax, for some reason, decided to plug this hole, leaving the water with nowhere to go except into the oil gallery Perhaps Roger can elaborate on the reason for this plug.

    I would try flushing and refilling the gallery first. the problem may not even exist now.


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