During take off the water pressure gets as high as 18 to 24 psi. Water temperature 175. Once at pattern altitude the pressure and temperature return to normal for rest of flight. Also while sitting in hanger, the water pressure reads between 2 to 10 psi depending on temperature in hanger. I am flying in Florida where temperatures are averaging 85 to 95 degrees. What could cause the high water pressure?
  • Re: High water pressure during take-off grey head 582

    by » 12 years ago

    A couple of things you might want to chk,what type of rad cap are you using,this cap controls your water pressure and may need to be replaced,you should use a very low pressure cap around 6-8 psi.Also are you using a thermastat 160 deg,the thermastat is suppose to have a small hole 3/32 drilled into the flange area this is used to allow over flow to escape.
    I also fly here in florida where it is hot and some guys still recommend a 160 deg thermastat,also helps to prevent cold siezure during reduced throttle settings,like descending.
    How do you like your 582 grey head,I also have the same 582 on my Aventura..

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