I was reading on another forum site about adding a clutch to a 582. I read that it can only be done to a C box. How difficult is it to replace the B box and add a C box with clutch?

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    If you are mechanically inclined, installing the C box with clutch is no problem. The gearbox comes with installation instructions. The most difficult part will be removing the gear from the crank. If you have access to a Rotax gear puller, it simply screws into the gear and a center bolt is turned to pop the gear loose. This is the safest way to go. I have used claw type and clamshell type automotive pullers but you must be careful not to damage the oil seal behind the gear. The gear usually pops off like a rifle shot when it finally lets go.

    The rest is easy. Eight big bolts, a handful of small ones in the front half, and you are in business. No adjustments, no shims, no feeler gauges necessary.

    If you have a float plane or a powered parachute, the clutch is a great addition.


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