Hi all...the manual for my 503 gives a fig of 50hrs between de-cokes,

With modern oils and fuels is this 50 hr fig still req I wonder.

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    Hi Nick,

    50 hrs. Is a good place to start with your plane. If you find that it is clean then maybe a jump to 75 hrs. If you decisde to increase the hrs then do it in progression to see how it looks and get some real time data on your engine and how it is working on your fuel and engine oil.
    Some can get a good carbon build up, but as you suggested it can be related to the fuel, type of oil and maint. the engine gets, time in total service and running conditions.

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    The EAA site has an excellent video called "Is your 2 Stroke about to fail" by a veteran maintainer in the USA. he has some very valid points about managing CHT and EGT aimed at optimising the time between rebuilds. Get a borescope and have a look as well.

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