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I have just done the first gearbox oil change on my inverted 582 with an E type gearbox.
I am concerned that the oil was blacker, in colour than I expected.

The history.
The engine stood for close to 2 years before being started/used. It was brand new.
The oil change was done a bit later than the recommended 10hrs, but at 15hrs.
The old oil had about the same viscosity as the new oil.
The old oil was as black as the oil from a motor vehicle engine oil change.

Is this normal for the first oil change?
  • Re: 582 first gearbox oil change

    by » one year ago

    Break-in oils often include special additives which can darken the colour.Everything is a bit tight when new and the first few hours will generate fine particles which result from the gears bedding in . Nothing else can be causing the darkening as there is no combustion or high heat being generated in a gearbox.
    Rub the oil between two fingers, it should not feel gritty and there shouldn't be any large pieces of swarf on the drain plug magnet .

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