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Please tell me about the deviation in exhaust gas temperature (EGT) for the 582 blue head engine. My engine is mod17, and it has been operated for 50 hours since new. Lately, the EGT difference during cruising has been increasing significantly. At 5500rpm, the EGT on the mag side is approximately 560°C [1040F], while on the PTO side, it is around 490°C [915F], resulting in a difference of 70°C [125F]. I suspected a malfunctioning EGT sensor and swapped the sensors with each other, but the EGT reading on the mag side remains high. When I checked the spark plugs, the magnet side appears normal (brown to light yellow), while the PTO side is completely black and fouled. I removed the cylinder head during the 50-hour decoking procedure, but I did not notice any significant differences in carbon deposits. What should be the next course of action for me to check? What adjustments should I make? 

Also, my prop pitch adjustment is at 6700rpm @ WOT, and I use Castrol's Activ2T oil.

Thanks,  Ryo





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    I had a similar situation, turned out the carbs were out of sync

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    Hi Wayne, thanks for the advice. I tried readjusting the mechanical synchronization of the carb this morning, but the exhaust temperature on the Mag side is still  45℃ higher than on the PTO side. I've been thinking about what to do next. Here are a couple of my ideas:


    1. Lower the heat range of the spark plug on the PTO side, where the exhaust temperature is low and the plug is blackened (DCPR8E -> DCPR7E).

    2. Adjust the needle setting of the carb on the PTO side to a leaner setting.


    These are the options I've come up with. If anyone has any other things to check or adjustments to make, please let me know. 


    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Ryo

    It is not uncommon for the 582 to run hotter on the MAG side.  This is for several reasons.  First the RV valve rotation and second the ignition housing trapping extra heat due to the electrics on that side.  A 50F spread is normal.  As long as you are not in excess of 1200F there should be no issue.  

    As you note you are seeing this higher heat at 5500, not WOT..  This is partly due to your prop load.  "my prop pitch adjustment is at 6700rpm @ WOT"  

    The correct RPM should be 6500, a bit more pitch.  The engine at level flight and WOT should not exceed 6500 with a fixed pitch.  Remember that at 5500 you are running on the needle to needle jet relationship and not so much the main jet.  

    Do not try to correct this with the spark plug, that would be a big mistake.  You could do it with the needle clip position but we careful that it does not change your readings at 6500 RPM.  

    In my opinion try to add just a bit more pitch before getting too worried about it.


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