I'd like to replace the air duct running from my air intake/filter across to the 914's Turbo air inlet. What type of ducting should I be looking at here? SCAT, CEET, SCEET, etc?


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    CAT and CEET should not be used forward of the firewall, they are neoprene and won't hold up to the heat.  So that leaves SCAT and SCEET, which are silicone and are rated 450 degrees F. and 500 degrees F. respectively.  SCEET is a bit stiffer, but typically not too stiff to be a problem. SCAT is a one layer hose and SCEET is two layers, basically the same as SCAT but with an inner liner. 

    Another consideration is what type of hose did the manufacturer of your aircraft use? With induction intake hoses there is a risk of the inner liner coming lose on lined hoses like SCEET, which could feasibly block the intake air pathway.  On certified aircraft and some LSA, you will see molded hoses for the turbo intake to avoid this, but many SLSA / LSA /Experimental are using SCAT or SCEET.  Check if your existing hose is lined, if it is then it's SCEET, if not then its SCAT.  I would use SCAT to avoid any possible problems with a liner.  If SCEET is used, make sure the inner liner is not separated at the ends, and fully extends under the clamp. 


    Some good information here. 

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