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I'm about done with the wiring, won't be starting the engine until this summer (still got a lot of work to do on the fuel system) but want to check the electrical. Is there any way to do that incrementally so I don't fry everything with one mistake, or anyone got suggestions about how to do it?



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    If it were me I would:

    1. Make sure that none of the wires can rub against anything that will damage the insulation.

    2. Shield them from heat.

    3. Make sure that none of the wires are too tight.

    4. Protect any ground points from corrosion.

    5. Check the continuity of each wire to make sure that it goes where it should.

    6. Check the resistance of each wire to the battery +ve and -ve.

    7. If everything checks out OK, pull all of the fuses/CBs and power the aircraft with a bench power supply set to 12V with an adjustable current limit. I would set the limit relatively low to start with and then start inserting the fuses/CBs. The ammeter on the PSU will show you the current being drawn and you can decide whether the value is sensible or not.



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